Tips to improve your healing after dental surgery.

How to Improve Healing After Dental Surgery


Bite on gauze (white material) for 30min. Biting with gentle pressure will block the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. You will be given extra gauze in case it bleeds again.

Pain and swelling

Your cheek and tongue may be numb straight after, so it is important to not bite on them. Then they won’t be sore when the numbness wears off.

It is important to take painkillers before the numbness wears off. So you will be more comfortable after. This may mean panadol (Paracetmol) for more simple extractions. For most extractions and pending medications you can take, this may be nurofen (ibuprofen) and 2 hours later panadol, alternating 2 hourly.
For more complex cases, you may require a script with other pain medications. 

If there is excessive swelling, a cold pack application may be recommended. The Cold pack can be applied for 10min on 10min off for the first 24 hours.

For the first 24 hours

To promote faster healing, it is important to rest the area. This involves, avoiding rinsing, spitting, using straws, playing with the area with your tongue or excessive exercise.

Eat soft foods and fluids like soups, purees, yoghurt etc. Avoid hard things like nuts, hot, spicy, foods and drinks. Avoid alcohol.

If you smoke after there is a risk of the clot not healing and becoming very painful. So avoid smoking for 3 days or more, ideally not again.

After 24 hours

The socket in most cases should be starting to heal. You can have gentle rinses with a glass of warm water and a spoon of salt to clean the socket after meals or 4 times daily.

When to call?

If you have any concerns please call. We will be happy to answer your concerns and help. Please call if there is excessive bleeding. If the socket started getting less painful, but then got much more painful 2-3 days after. If there is excessive swelling, if the pain medications are not working as well as you would like.

We hope those tips help. We wish you a speedy recovery and the most comfortable dental surgery experience possible.