Dental Examination

When you reach out to us as a new patient, the first step is to book you in for a thorough dental examination. This comprehensive appointment is really important, because it enables us to get to know each other properly, understand your dental history, and earn your trust.

Your first dental examination

We want you to feel comfortable and in-control from the outset, so here’s what you can expect:

  1. Once you arrive at the clinic, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly reception staff, asked to fill in a patient information form, and then introduced to your dentist to discuss your dental needs.
  2. Your dentist will ask lots of questions to get to know you and your quirks – not just your mouth and teeth! If you have any fears, hate the sound of the drill, or are worried treatment will be too expensive, you can air your concerns and trust that your dentist will be understanding and supportive.
  3. Once you’re comfortable and happy to proceed, your dentist will perform a thorough intraoral and extraoral examination of your teeth, tongue, lips, jaw, and gums. We use modern technology such as digital X-rays to ensure accurate diagnosis.
  4. Next, your dentist will explain any diagnosed conditions using videos and pictures (taken using our intraoral camera), so you can see where the problem areas are and understand the situation clearly. Treatment options will then be discussed including pros and cons, and associated costs.
  5. A detailed treatment plan with a printed quote will be presented to you. We pride ourselves on open communication and transparency, so you’ll know exactly what will be done during your treatment and how much it will cost.
  6. You’re more than welcome to ask questions and explore the different treatment options. We’ll give you plenty of time to discuss and think about your treatment plan, so you’ll never feel rushed. Whatever treatment you choose, we’ll support you and provide the highest-quality care.

Subsequent examinations

Once we complete any treatment required, we’ll move you to our proactive dental maintenance schedule.

During these regular check-ups, we’ll check your oral hygiene and catch any potential issues before they become serious. This approach enables us to tailor treatment to your needs and budget, and maintain great oral health for years to come.

With Maidstone Dental Clinic, going to the dentist will become part of your routine – a chance to relax and take a break from your busy schedule. Yes, you’ll actually look forward to it!

Ready to book your first dental examination? Great! Contact us here.